zivaMIND has changed my world forever. I have lived my entire life in a state of high anxiety. When I read about your program, I knew I had to try. What you said about meditation made sense to me and I figured that at the end I wouldn’t be worse off than I was the day before. Now, I have to tell you, after finishing the 8-day program, I am a very different person than I was last week. For the first time I feel like I have tools to combat stress and anxiety and they come from within. It is powerful to realize they were already there, waiting for me to use them. And I did this all in 8 days! What might 6 months or a year bring? I don’t know but I am excited to find out.

- Jim Nash, Writer

Meditation was something I wanted to do but the styles I had learned weren’t powerful enough for me to stick with it.

Emily provides such an incredible and inspirational base for learning this practice that I can’t imagine NOT doing it every day, twice a day.

- Caroline Parker, Teacher

I’ve tried to meditate for years and never found it to work. I couldn’t shut off my racing mind nor sit still. I found this to work to my surprise. I felt amazing when I was done and had tons of calming energy from head to toe. It accessed a calm state unlike I have ever been before. I then went to my Pilates class and never felt so good. It was great to let go and just let it be. AMAZING!!! So happy I jumped into this.

- Paula Panzarella, Teacher

I now laugh easily and often. Instead of just choosing to smile in spite of feeling crappy, I am happy. Life is exciting for me again, not fearful, not holding back due to pain. My pain is greatly reduced because I no longer have the stress of anticipating it so I deal with it better. Thank you!

- Mignon Quigley Jeppson, Full Time Mom

I admit I had a negative preconceived notion about meditation. I thought it was for hippy-dippy yogi’s but I signed up for the course anyway and I figured we’ll just see what happens. I discovered that my preconceived notion was totally insane. Emily’s explanations are so relatable and her analogies are just amazing, I really loved every minute of the class. I look back at zivaMIND and see it as one of the best weeks of last year.

I immediately felt calmer. I’m not feeling so anxious all the time and my temper has subsided. Even my husband noticed the affects of zivaMIND on me. He mentioned that I am laughing a lot more and I am a lot more fun to be around. I feel like my old self again.

- Heather Toner, Social Media Marketing


Here’s how I would describe meditation before and after taking the course…

Before: Sad and Boring
After: Simple and Fun

- Charles Gibson, Analyst

I was hoping to find a meditation practice that I felt good about. Something not too light, but not too intense either. zivaMIND was ‘just right’! I enjoyed your impeccable guidance. Every word and every part of Emily’s authentic delivery was truly a gift and joy. Her spirit is beautiful – inside and out.

- Robin Hutson, Business Owner

I had played around with meditation in the past based on what I’d heard or read from various sources but I was just doing a “self-taught” version. I wanted to actually learn to meditate. I definitely got that from zivaMIND! I also wanted to get a mantra to use and I now have that too. My favorite aspect of the program is the flexibility of being able to do the videos on my own schedule. I tend to suffer from “perfection over progress” and zivaMIND is helping me shift that.

- Jill Aubrey, Artist

I’m only two days into zivaMIND and this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! I adore this program. Thank you!

- Nick Kilgore, Writer

For the past four days I’ve been walking around with a bounce in my step and a smile that doesn’t wipe off easily. THANK YOU! You are truly a Guru for the new generation.

- Sneha Ramachander, Advertising Executive

After listening to zivaPERFORMANCE I had an audition with my agent. When I finished with the taping he said, ‘WOW, that was such a relaxed, calm scene from you’. I’d been doing yoga to help with relaxation but I don’t think it was getting me where I wanted to be. Meditation has been helping me EXTREMELY quickly.

- Kristina Paraschos, Actress

Meditation has changed my life. I no longer get stressed or overwhelmed. I sleep better, my relationships stronger, and my performances continue to get better and energized. I am so thankful to Emily and the Ziva team. This personal investment has been one of the greatest influences on my career and my life journey.

- AJ Alvarez, Actor

zivaMIND was truly a life-saver! It helped me tap into my truest-self, gain clarity around decision making, and detach from the piles of things I had to do. I highly recommend zivaMIND for everyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life!

- Sarah Anne Stewart, Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)

zivaMIND’s simple, consistent, and layered approach to messaging gave me the tools I needed to find confidence in this journey during the 8 days and beyond. I feel more grounded and in touch with the physical effects that stress has on my body. I see it firsthand in my ability to parent my 3 year old twins with more patience – a total win in my book.

- Jenni Johnson, Director of Franchise Operations, barre3

Your 8 day training has turned into a daily must-have part of my life. I am more productive, grounded, and calm as I run a fast growing company and raise my family. Thank you Emily!

- Sadie Lincoln, Founder Barre 3

I was hoping to find a meditation practice that I felt good about. Something not too light, but not too intense either. zivaMIND was ‘just right’!

I enjoyed your impeccable guidance. Every word and every part of Emily’s authentic delivery was truly a gift and joy. Her spirit is beautiful – inside and out.

- Robin Huston, Business Owner

I can’t express how much gratitude I have for zivaMIND. Meditation is opening up the possibility for more happiness and a greater sense of self.

- Brian Knoebel, Actor, Designer

I couldn’t imagine a brighter, more generous teacher. zivaMIND was there for me exactly when I needed it. My new life begins today.

- Duncan Youngerman, Composer

It’s a FANTASTIC kickstart to my day. The days I skip meditation are more monotonous and less fun than days I do it. When I refresh with meditation I feel energized and ready to crush my workouts.

- Eric Taylor, Mechanical Engineer

Definitely feel a shift! I am: more grounded, less impatient, less anxious, and have fewer negative thoughts. Seeing all these benefits make me realize that I’ve got to make this practice ‘non-negotiable’, Thanks, Emily, for this awesome uncomplicated program!

- Cathy Guterman, Transition & Recovery Coach

Heart open, soul flying, feet can’t stop skipping, and feeling incredible joy… running on the treadmill?! Grinning like a blissed-out fool and not caring what other people are thinking? Something IS happening. It’s BIG and it’s GOOOOD!! Thank you EMILY!!

- Jade Yerganian, Singer/Songwriter