zivaMIND has changed my world forever. I have lived my entire life in a state of high anxiety. When I read about your program, I knew I had to try. What you said about meditation made sense to me and I figured that at the end I wouldn’t be worse off than I was the day before. Now, I have to tell you, after finishing the 8-day program, I am a very different person than I was last week. For the first time I feel like I have tools to combat stress and anxiety and they come from within. It is powerful to realize they were already there, waiting for me to use them. And I did this all in 8 days! What might 6 months or a year bring? I don’t know but I am excited to find out.

- Jim Nash, Writer

Meditation was something I wanted to do but the styles I had learned weren’t powerful enough for me to stick with it.

Emily provides such an incredible and inspirational base for learning this practice that I can’t imagine NOT doing it every day, twice a day.

- Caroline Parker, Teacher

I’ve tried to meditate for years and never found it to work. I couldn’t shut off my racing mind nor sit still. I found this to work to my surprise. I felt amazing when I was done and had tons of calming energy from head to toe. It accessed a calm state unlike I have ever been before. I then went to my Pilates class and never felt so good. It was great to let go and just let it be. AMAZING!!! So happy I jumped into this.

- Paula Panzarella, Teacher

I now laugh easily and often. Instead of just choosing to smile in spite of feeling crappy, I am happy. Life is exciting for me again, not fearful, not holding back due to pain. My pain is greatly reduced because I no longer have the stress of anticipating it so I deal with it better. Thank you!

- Mignon Quigley Jeppson, Full Time Mom

I admit I had a negative preconceived notion about meditation. I thought it was for hippy-dippy yogi’s but I signed up for the course anyway and I figured we’ll just see what happens. I discovered that my preconceived notion was totally insane. Emily’s explanations are so relatable and her analogies are just amazing, I really loved every minute of the class. I look back at zivaMIND and see it as one of the best weeks of last year.

I immediately felt calmer. I’m not feeling so anxious all the time and my temper has subsided. Even my husband noticed the affects of zivaMIND on me. He mentioned that I am laughing a lot more and I am a lot more fun to be around. I feel like my old self again.

- Heather Toner, Social Media Marketing


Here’s how I would describe meditation before and after taking the course…

Before: Sad and Boring
After: Simple and Fun

- Charles Gibson, Analyst

I was hoping to find a meditation practice that I felt good about. Something not too light, but not too intense either. zivaMIND was ‘just right’! I enjoyed your impeccable guidance. Every word and every part of Emily’s authentic delivery was truly a gift and joy. Her spirit is beautiful – inside and out.

- Robin Hutson, Business Owner

I had played around with meditation in the past based on what I’d heard or read from various sources but I was just doing a “self-taught” version. I wanted to actually learn to meditate. I definitely got that from zivaMIND! I also wanted to get a mantra to use and I now have that too. My favorite aspect of the program is the flexibility of being able to do the videos on my own schedule. I tend to suffer from “perfection over progress” and zivaMIND is helping me shift that.

- Jill Aubrey, Artist

I’m only two days into zivaMIND and this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! I adore this program. Thank you!

- Nick Kilgore, Writer

For the past four days I’ve been walking around with a bounce in my step and a smile that doesn’t wipe off easily. THANK YOU! You are truly a Guru for the new generation.

- Sneha Ramachander, Advertising Executive

After listening to zivaPERFORMANCE I had an audition with my agent. When I finished with the taping he said, ‘WOW, that was such a relaxed, calm scene from you’. I’d been doing yoga to help with relaxation but I don’t think it was getting me where I wanted to be. Meditation has been helping me EXTREMELY quickly.

- Kristina Paraschos, Actress

Meditation has changed my life. I no longer get stressed or overwhelmed. I sleep better, my relationships stronger, and my performances continue to get better and energized. I am so thankful to Emily and the Ziva team. This personal investment has been one of the greatest influences on my career and my life journey.

- AJ Alvarez, Actor

zivaMIND was truly a life-saver! It helped me tap into my truest-self, gain clarity around decision making, and detach from the piles of things I had to do. I highly recommend zivaMIND for everyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life!

- Sarah Anne Stewart, Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)

zivaMIND’s simple, consistent, and layered approach to messaging gave me the tools I needed to find confidence in this journey during the 8 days and beyond. I feel more grounded and in touch with the physical effects that stress has on my body. I see it firsthand in my ability to parent my 3 year old twins with more patience – a total win in my book.

- Jenni Johnson, Director of Franchise Operations, barre3

Your 8 day training has turned into a daily must-have part of my life. I am more productive, grounded, and calm as I run a fast growing company and raise my family. Thank you Emily!

- Sadie Lincoln, Founder Barre 3

I was hoping to find a meditation practice that I felt good about. Something not too light, but not too intense either. zivaMIND was ‘just right’!

I enjoyed your impeccable guidance. Every word and every part of Emily’s authentic delivery was truly a gift and joy. Her spirit is beautiful – inside and out.

- Robin Huston, Business Owner

I can’t express how much gratitude I have for zivaMIND. Meditation is opening up the possibility for more happiness and a greater sense of self.

- Brian Knoebel, Actor, Designer

I couldn’t imagine a brighter, more generous teacher. zivaMIND was there for me exactly when I needed it. My new life begins today.

- Duncan Youngerman, Composer

It’s a FANTASTIC kickstart to my day. The days I skip meditation are more monotonous and less fun than days I do it. When I refresh with meditation I feel energized and ready to crush my workouts.

- Eric Taylor, Mechanical Engineer

Definitely feel a shift! I am: more grounded, less impatient, less anxious, and have fewer negative thoughts. Seeing all these benefits make me realize that I’ve got to make this practice ‘non-negotiable’, Thanks, Emily, for this awesome uncomplicated program!

- Cathy Guterman, Transition & Recovery Coach

Heart open, soul flying, feet can’t stop skipping, and feeling incredible joy… running on the treadmill?! Grinning like a blissed-out fool and not caring what other people are thinking? Something IS happening. It’s BIG and it’s GOOOOD!! Thank you EMILY!!

- Jade Yerganian, Singer/Songwriter

I have been meditating for almost a year. The stress release is incredible! Sometimes in the middle of the day my mind will beg for a meditation break, and it feels just like a mental reset button. Thank you, zivaMIND!

- Wednesday Vogel, Business Owner

I spent years studying and practicing different types of meditation with very little success. Emily’s language perfectly cleared up my misconceptions. The online structure is easy to navigate and relaxed in the delivery. I’m not sure why everyone in the world is not on zivaMIND!

- Rick Fagan, Entrepreneur

zivaMIND is one of the best investments I have ever made. Quite simply, my life was changed in 8 days.

- Emily Crosby Morgan