FAQs about the world’s first online meditation training:

1. Can I do zivaMIND on my own schedule or are there specific times?

Both. If you are joining the interactive version (offered annually) then you will move through the course with a class of people at the same time. If you choose the custom version then you may choose your own start date. On either program you can go at your own pace, fit the videos into your daily schedule, and be assured you will have access to the videos for the life of the program.

2. How do I download mp3′s to my phone/computer?

Play the audio, right click, choose save. Once in your computer you can transfer onto your phone as you usually do.

2. What’s the difference between the zivaMIND interactive version and custom version?

The custom version is available throughout the year, and you go through the material on your own. This gives you the freedom of choosing your own start date. The calls with Emily are pre-recorded.

The interactive version is offered annually, and the students who sign up for this version move through the program as a “class.” There is power in accountability and group learning. The interactive participants will have access to live calls with Emily.

3. What’s the difference between zivaMIND and the in-person Ziva course?

The in-person Vedic course is offered in NYC and LA a few times a month. This really is the Porsche of meditation courses. It is fast, powerful, and it makes you sexier. Once you graduate from the in-person course you will be an expert meditator with access to a lifetime of follow up, support, and weekly group meditations. During this course you receive your own personalized bija mantra and witness a live ceremony.

zivaMIND is not Vedic meditation. It is a program created by Emily to give people who do not have access to a teacher an opportunity to start an everyday practice. People have been reporting life-changing results, though the practice is much gentler than the in-person Vedic Meditation course. Half of your zivaMIND tuition can be put towards the in-person course fee should you find yourself wanting to dive deeper with us in NYC or LA.

4. Will I have access to zivaMIND after the 8 days?

You will have access for the life of the program! No “last chances”.

5. What’s a mantra? Can I switch mantras?

A mantra is a mind vehicle. Traditionally mantras are chosen for a student by their teacher. A mantra is not “I’m a strong angry woman” or “I want a million dollars” – those are slogans. Mantras are sounds designed to de-excite the mind and body. You will have a choice of three different mantras on zivaMIND.

6. Do I need an accountability partner?

Most people do. There are the rare exceptions who feel completely self sufficient, but most of us get by with a little help from our friends and have a lot more fun that way. The zivaMIND community is a beautiful resource, and we have a lovely forum available in a private zivaMINDer Facebook group. There are hundreds of people from around the world who have done the program before and may want to refresh, and many who may be doing the program at the same time as you. Don’t be shy, simply introduce yourself to the group and see if anyone wants to partner up.

7. When do I get access to Day 1?

With the custom version you get access to the Welcome video right away; you get some prep homework on the day that you specified as your “Desired Start Date”; and you are granted access to the Day 1 module the morning after your “Desired Start Date”.
With the interactive version everyone gets access to Day 1 on the advertised date.

9. Can I download the training videos?

The videos are not meant to be downloaded. They are meant to be streamed and watched as if you are in the room live with Emily. Training yourself to single task is one of the amazing benefits of meditation. It is best to watch the whole video at one time instead of stopping and starting.

10. Once I join, am I on my own? Can I ask questions and get support?

Absolutely, on our Facebook group! You will get support from Emily and our whole community there. If you are not on Facebook, you can request an accountability partner at info@zivaMIND.com. This is also the best place for technical questions, as we like to keep the Facebook group exclusively for questions about the practice.

Our live calls are unique to zivaMIND and give you direct access to Emily so be sure to mark your calendar & dial in during the interactive sessions.