Welcome to zivaMIND
Online meditation training
Learn to meditate for real from the comfort of home
zivaMIND will give you:
  • 6 in depth training videos
  • 4 Guided visualizations for travel, performance, insomnia & healing
  • 3 Q&A calls
What can zivaMIND do for me?
  • Insomnia will be a thing of the past
  • Kiss your jetlag goodbye
  • Throw the Xanax away
  • Your brain will be faster
  • Your sex will be better
  • Your immune system will be stronger
  • You may even have better parking karma
By reducing the level of stress in your body.
How much time does it take?
35 min a day, total. 20 min in the morning & 15 min in the afternoon.
There are 4 hrs of video training broken up over the course of 8 days + 3 live calls.
What if I miss a day?
No sweat, you have access for life so you can do zivaMIND in your own time. Plus, the three 1 hr calls are recorded and can be listened to at your leisure
Is zivaMIND for me?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Ever sit down to the computer to perform a task and 10 min later you can’t remember why you sat down?
Feel like your phone is the boss of you?
Do you get sick more often than you would like?
Aging at an alarming rate?
Anxiety holding you back?
Simply want to enjoy your life more?
If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then zivaMIND can help.

How? By giving you powerful stress relieving tools.
“I used to think, I can’t ever quiet my mind, how can I learn to meditate? After the Ziva course I know that even if I am having thoughts it is still working. Now it is a part of my daily ritual and people have noticed a change, they say, ‘you look so radiant!’”
Jenna Dewan-Tatum,
“Emily Fletcher glows wherever she goes. Her energy is infectiously amazing. I’ve recently picked up meditation, it’s a great way to get re-aligned when things get draining or hectic.”
Quddus Phillipe,
Host of TRL, Duets, The Q Side and all round superstar.
“I wish everyone could take your course, I feel like it is the key I was missing.”
Laura Benanti,
Tony Award winner and star of NBC's GO ON
What exactly is zivaMIND?
  • Six in depth training videos 20 min each
  • Accountability Calendar to keep you committed
  • Active Online Community with other meditators
  • Guided mp3's to up your game in any situation including:
    • zivaSLEEPS
    • zivaTRAVEL
    • zivaRELEASE
What if I can't stop my mind?
If you have ever tried to meditate but couldn’t stop your mind from thinking you are not alone!
Don’t worry, you are not a meditation failure. Chances are you will be an excellent meditator. I will show you how.
Hint: No one can stop their mind from thinking.
Whatever your level of experience, I am going to be there to walk you through step by step.
It is my mission with zivaMIND to make meditation, easy, accessible and fun.
“If you've ever tried meditation and failed, zivaMIND is your solution. zivaMIND gives people all over the world an easy and accessible way to learn a powerful meditation practice. I can't think of someone better to teach this program. Emily makes meditation simple, practical, and beneficial.”
Dallas Travers,
Award winning author and business coach
“I slept through the night for the 1st time in 20 years after taking the Ziva course.”
Hee Sun-woo,
CEO Hire Records
“Ziva is amazing and I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to finally learn how to meditate. In just a few days I have seen and felt a huge difference in myself, my stress levels and my life. Thank you Emily!”
Melissa Haro,
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model
What does it Cost?
Meditation Course
Guided mp3s
Lifetime access
Group Coaching
Total Value $1,000
zivaMIND $250
$199 until Feb 8th!
“A month ago I would have laughed at you if you had told me I'd be doing this twice a day, but here I am. It feels wonderful and I haven't missed a single meditation

I am pretty shocked at how effortlessly I have been able to fit it into my life.”
Meg Wolf,
Actress, American Horror Story
“I have never been so happy!”
Caitlin Cooke
“Learning Meditation with Emily is the single best gift I have ever given myself. I even look younger than a year ago! When my 6 yr old son asks, 'Mom have you done your meditation yet?' I know something good is going on.”
Melissa McVicker
In NYC or LA? Learn meditation in person with Emily at Ziva Meditation
Once you click the enroll button. I am going to send you a gift called zivaSLEEPS, a guided visualization I created to help you fall asleep quickly and give you deeper, more restful sleep!
Photos by Zoe Buckman
About Emily
Emily Fletcher began her extensive training in Vedic meditation in Rishikesh, India under world-renowned meditation instructors. Emily was inspired to become a meditation instructor after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers, A Chorus Line and many others.

With her high performance background and her seven years of meditation experience, Emily is perfectly suited to teach busy people how to incorporate
this simple and hugely effective practice into their lives. She was recently invited to speak at GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment with Jim Carey and Eckhart Tolle and will be appearing on The Ricki Lake show soon. She has taught meditation to a wide range of people and companies including Coca Cola, Ogilvy & Mather, Satya Jewelry, The Executive Source and in public school systems in the Bronx.

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zivaMIND is intended as a relaxation and stress relieving tool.  If you are suffering from a serious illness or disorder please see your doctor.

Once you enroll in the program you are responsible for commiting to the practice and watching all the videos.  There are no refunds.  You will have access to the material as long as the course is available.   

You may experience a few days of tears or tiredness as a result of stress leaving the body.  Rest as much as possible, be gentle with yourself and remember.. better out than in.